Fall is Planting Season

You may have caught on by now that we are encouraging you to think of fall as planting season. Folks in the green world (gardeners, landscape contractors, growers, etc.) know that fall is planting season, but this is not so well known to the home gardener. Planting in the fall allows you and the plant to take advantage of cooler, more moderate temperatures. Shorter days and cooler nights signal plants to begin shutting down above-ground growth and transfer energy into roots. By planting at this time of year, you can take advantage of a plant’s natural cycle of fall root development that will help support plant establishment and allow the plant to become more resilient by the time next summer is here.

So now that you know fall is for planting, you can see why we stock up the nursery yard—especially in the fall—to have a large quantity and wide selection of plants available for you.

The Planter’s Dozen is Back!

Since we are in peak planting time, we are happy to announce that while supplies last, the ‘Planter’s Dozen’ is back. Stop by the nursery to pick out your tray of 12 quarts of select species for $98, a savings of $22. Some of the many species available: Agastache foeniculum, Carex leavenworthii, Eupatorium purpureum, Heuchera americana, Helianthus angustifolius, Phlox paniculata, Solidago speciosa—and more.

Keystone Starter Trees

As we learned from Doug Tallamy and friends, a keystone species supports a large number of butterflies and moths as well as specialist and generalist bees. While supplies last, we have special pricing on #2 container keystone species, including oaks, cherries, willows, and more.

Starting small is an excellent way to get big results. When we start with a small versus a larger tree, it will take the smaller one less time to put on root growth and establish, so it will begin to actively grow from the branch tips (shoots) before the larger tree. A younger tree can adapt to new growing conditions more readily than a larger, more mature tree. Now is your chance to pick up a few baby keystone tree species at Redbud.

Plant on people!

Upcoming Event

We’ll be leading a class at Longwood Gardens on November 1 & 4, Planting with Fall Natives. Details and registration here.

Mark your calendar for our 4th Annual Winter Market: November 25 & 26. We are still accepting applications from vendors. Interested makers and artisans can apply here.

And watch for pop up announcements of Yard Talks at the nursery this fall.