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Fall for Fall Blooming Asters

September 21, 2022 @ 5:30 pm

Autumn’s stars in the garden are asters, adding late season color and foraging opportunities for insects. We’ll look at a number of these drought-tolerant natives and discuss their characteristics that make them stellar additions to the garden or naturalized in meadow plantings. Register here.

Louise Clarke is a Media resident, arborist, and degreed horticulturist who recently retired from the Morris Arboretum. In her Arboretum green roof trials she used many native plants, especially those that bloom late summer into autumn to support insect populations. Asters played a dominant role in those plantings. She currently teaches botany at the Barnes Arboretum of St. Joseph’s University horticulture certificate program and is co-principal of Verdant Earth Educators, a green industry consulting business.

Event is free but registration is required. Register here >