Eva Monheim Talk and Book Signing: October 30th

Join us for talks and book signing by Eva Monheim on Saturday, October 30!

11:00 AM
Let the Shrubs Do Their Work: Did you know that shrubs have jobs just like people do? They can be specialists or generalists. Generalist shrubs can handle a range of extremes from wet to dry. Specialist shrubs like it either moist or dry. This talk will cover plants that like water and do great when they are situated along a stream or in an area that periodically floods.

1:00 PM
Pruning Shrubs and Hedges: Every shrub has its own characteristics, some are weepers, others are rounded, pyramidal, or vase shaped. If you know the natural form of the shrub before you begin pruning, you can enhance its shape. No meatballs please! Eva Monheim will show proper pruning techniques and an array of tools that are best for pruning.

Following both talks, Eva will sign her book Shrubs & Hedges (books available for purchase at the Redbud shop.)

Watch for announcements of upcoming yard talks, with speakers:

  • Gregg Tepper
  • Ruth Rogers Clausen
  • Andrew Bunting