2nd Annual Winter Market

Join us this weekend and next for Winter Market!

Shop small and buy local here at the nursery.

We’ve invited local artists and makers to bring their wares to a pop-up event in our yard. Our shop is stocked with our favorite books for all ages, garden tools, and gifts we think you’ll love to give.

Each day, we host speakers to talk about gardening and the natural world. Stop in to shop, learn, and gather around the fire pit.

Look for a message next week with the lineup for next weekend.

Saturday, November 27



  • 11:00 AM Michelle Detwiler

How & Why to Love Your Leaves
What lives in the layer of fallen leaves through winter? We’ll talk about how we can we use leaves in existing garden beds or new beds, the best way to use leaves as mulch around trees and shrubs and how to compost.

  • 1:00 PM Alex Tewnion

The Case For Wasps
What role do wasps play in a thriving ecosystem? How can native plants best support this relationship.

Sunday, November 28



  • 11:00 AM Marcia Tate

Ten Steps to a Healthier Garden 

  • 1:00 PM  Samantha Nestory

 Where Does a Salamander Spend the Winter?